Our Natural renders, unlike concrete, are pleasant to work with, quick drying and non-toxic and create a much more organic finish with a lovely warm energy for your walls.

Marble Fibre Render/Rough Textured Paint
Particularly for use on dry walls of untreated gypsum and gypsum fibre boards, as well as on plaster.
This amazing surface application creates the reflecting transparency and gloss of polished marble on any surface of your choice!
Lime Putty
Essential undercoating for Tadelakt
Polishing Soap
This is used as a finishing coat on Stuccolustro and Tadelakt. Designed to create a natural chemical reaction with the base materials of Stuccolustro and Tadelakt, it then finishes to a high gloss polish effect.
Punic Wax
This can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, Polishing Soap as a finish for Stuccolustro and Tadelakt.
Marseille Soap
This totally natural and very gentle soap can be used for everything from babies to your washing machine – the most versatile of cleaning agents – no harsh chemicals or smells!


Wall Lazure Binder
Suitable Surfaces are all paint absorbing renders/plasters, dry construction modules and wallpapers with absorbent and diffusible paint coatings.
Shellac Soap
Used as a transparent waterproof binding agent in decorative wall creations, eg for wall lazure, glossy rag rolling, or as a fixing agent for wall lazure.